Not fake news. But sure overdone news.

A local fishwrapper, this case a soon to be defunct news station, broadcast a smear against my son’s school district..

Let me set the scene: It was Kindergarten graduation. I actually wrote about it yesterday. It was a fine moment with amazingly beautiful children beginning their 12 year race to the next graduation at the North Schuylkill School District in Ashland Pennsylvania.. NO NEWS STATION WAS THERE to cover it live. No newspapers. No reporters. Nothing.

But today? The news was brewing and reporters donned with make up were stewing and spewing foam from their mouths! They couldn’t wait to leave the ELECTRIC CITY in route for the coal region of Pennsylvania.

There was a fight after all…

Yes, a fight!

Two mothers chose not to keep it classy and instead fought… Like a real scrappy fight.
I saw the aftermath happen. One woman was being quickly drug away while her breasts were halfway hanging out of her shirt. The bra was black. Can’t forget that sight…

This is how my local SNOOZE station chose to report things ( :

“Wednesday’s kindergarten graduation was supposed to be a proud moment for North Schuylkill School District… But two adults at the graduation took the spotlight away from the students.
What was meant to be a post graduation celebration in the gymnasium turned into a chaotic scene. Eyewitness News watched the school’s security footage of what happened next. The school district did not allow us to show the video.  But here’s what we saw – it appears like a mother is trying to sign out her daughter. The student’s father and another woman were holding a gift. In the video, the mother tries to avoid the couple. Words were exchanged and then a physical fight broke out – as the two women shoved and pushed one another.
A parent there with her kindergarten student recalls the incident:
"I was in shock. Absoltute shock and very disapointed. Very disapointed,” said Renata Blozusky, a kindergarten parent.
The police report says the student’s mother, Holly Ann Mignogna hit Danielle Jarota in the face. Both parties have been cited. Butler Township Police responded to the call.
Once police broke up the fight inside the gym, the women brought the argument out here to the parking lot. Police tell me it became a shouting war with profanity.
“It was very upsetting to me, as a parent, that she witnessed that,” said Blozusky.
“There were families and children still in attendance it is very concerning, this inappropriate behavior, it’s not the way we want our students to act and parents are role models,” said Superintendent Robert Ackell.
With more graduation assemblies coming up, the superintendent hopes families….
“Just leave everything at the door. School is a place of order and rules. Whatever happens outside of this school–just leave it there. Don’t bring it into the buildings,” said Ackell.
The two women will have to pay fines of 300-dollars if they chose not to fight the summary offenses.“

And the rest was history.

Let me say a few things. This is a prime reason I despise local news.

The entire event–and I witnessed it while EYE WITNESS didn’t–lasted about 5 seconds in front of people. Yes there was a scuffle.. But cooler heads prevailed and the tacky trash were thrown from the event. The shouting continued outside. Fine. Whatever. It was outside.

The kindergarten class did not deserve the wrong attention being paid to them. I know a lot of the kids and parents in this class. They are amazing people. I didn’t know the two who represented the lower denominator of society and I am glad I did not.  But let’s be real: Most people in the gym did not even know a mini-scuffle took place.
Is it news?
Is it fake news?
Is it OVER done news? Yes indeed.

Worth a mention…
It’s gossip. It’s cringeworthy.. And yes, yet again, it embarrasses the coal region of Pennsylvania. And showcases exactly how the late local news dives deep into the most sick parts of local society.

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My article on NIGHT TERROR NEWS about the reign and now fall of a church in the coal region of PA. With a cross above by chance..


I love old postcards.. this one is of Ashland, PA.. If you’d see it now, you would never realize this 1907 card could have been the same town.. 

So often we think ‘progress’ is achieved.. but think back> AT that time we have railways to connect towns and cities.. we had downtowns where people would congregate for shopping and eating.. we had theaters.. so many towns had most of its people working in coal mining or manufacturing. 

Sure the past was rough and tough.. but in 1907 when this was sketched, the town was also younger and more vibrant. Filled with business and life. 

Now it has boarded up store fronts and dilapidated buildings. Chances are your town is the same, too.

I guess that’s progress..

Ayden met Santa for the second time last night. He announced his list, but this time shortened it down to two things. I think he panicked a bit and clammed up once he was face to face with the big guy..

Although afterwards he asked a good question: What is Santa doing here right now instead of the North Pole? He knew how busy a time it was.. how did Santa have a chance to come to Ashland, PA? I reassured him .. he was not as persistent as he will be at four, or even five. 

I recall my ‘moment’ of realization came around four. So if that happens with my son, I’m just loving getting this one magical Christmas with the amazing innocence of believing in something.

Funny enough, our moment with Santa has been recorded for posterity by the POTTSVILLE REPUBLICAN. A reporter even got a quote from both of us.. John Usalis writes,

Inside the Legion post, members sold hot food while people came in to warm up. Santa Claus was also inside, ringing bells as children came to tell him their Christmas wishes.

Ayden Smolock, 3 ½, of Ashland, was attending his first Old Fashioned Christmas and told Santa that he wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sewer lair play set. He was also excited to get a candy cane from Santa. His father, Brian Smolock, enjoys coming to the event.

“The event has a very nice feel, like a mini Jim Thorpe,” Smolock said. “It’s a good atmosphere. I was over at the historical building across the street and they’re doing a good job there.”

So it is written.
SANTA, now you know. Even the media is reporting Ayden’s wish list!

Not sure of the date, but this relic is the former Immaculate Heart Academy in Ashland PA. Then it became Cardinal Brennan Jr/Sr High School. Where I attended.. now that is a former..

I love old photos.. especially this one. Trees that are  now fully grown were not there at the time of the photo being taken.. 

I just wonder what voices, tears, and laughter were taking place inside the building when it was shot..